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Hideaway Fold Up Beds

Hideaway Fold Up Beds

Take a look at our new range we are starting in the year of 2018! We have now teamed up with Hideaway beds. Space saving furniture and wall bed mechanisms for both domestic and commercial application.

The Foldaway integrated wall bed system implements a European design to be fitted into a purpose built cabinet to create a stunning ‘Hideaway effect’. In less than 20 seconds the bed can be pulled out and ready to use. We provide interlocking straps which allows the bed to be stored with the bedding already made up, making the whole experience effortless.

The Foldaway bed is designed to have a single, full-height door attached to the base of the bed. The Foldaway bed has an adjustable sprung mechanism which gives a safe, light and easy lifting action. The leg sits inside the bed when folded away, but when in use the leg is manually folded over the foot-end of the bed and sits on the underside to support the bed when in the down position.

The patented, enclosed counter-sprung mechanism supports the weight of the bed and mattress. When folded away the bed and cabinet typically sit only 53cm from the wall, allowing for maximum use of the surrounding area. A key feature of the bed is the sprung slatted mattress base that ensures enhanced spinal support and comfort.


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